I am a nomadic subject in Rosi Braidotti’s sense, that is, a non-unitary, multilayered, constantly changing, and dynamic being. Born and raised in Colombia, I have spent nearly the last two decades of my life travelling, moving across countries, disciplines, and languages; settling, unsettling, and settling back in different places.

Some things about me, however, have been for long quite settled. These include, first and foremost, a profound dissatisfaction with overspread injustice, followed by an overwhelming urge to do something to at least make that injustice visible. I started this blog a few years back with that aim, but also because I needed a way of dealing with the frustration and rage the state of the world provokes in me. Writing here helps me do that.

As a committed non-white decolonial feminist and cultural studies scholar I am interested in the connexions between culture –in a broad sense– and politics, and this is mostly what this blog is about.

I write in English, in Spanish, and sometimes in French, and about global issues and/or local issues concerning the three countries and cultures I am more familiar with, that is, Colombia, Switzerland, and England.

Isis Giraldo

I tweet @laladyoracle and @isisgiraldoa

A virago is a “vigorous, and heroic woman; a female warrior; an amazon” (from the OED)